Does FlashGet Kids offer support for both Android and iOS devices?

Parental control applications are becoming indispensable tools for guaranteeing children’s safety in the modern digital era since they are exposed to many online risks and dangers. FlashGet Kids is a good program for parents to monitor and also manage their children’s internet activity efficiently. It has a lot of functions. Compatibility with parents’ devices is a significant factor when selecting a parental control app. Regardless of the device their kids use, parents can protect their online experiences with FlashGet Kids because it supports both the iOS and Android operating systems, also catering to a wide range of users.

FlashGet Kids: Compatibility with Android and iOS Devices

Understanding Compatibility:

Understanding compatibility in the context of parental control applications is crucial before digging into the specifics of FlashGet Kids’ compatibility with Android and iOS devices. The ability of an application to run without a hitch across many device types and operating systems is known as compatibility. Compatibility for FlashGet Kids guarantees that parents may install and utilize the software on the devices of their choice, regardless of whether they are iOS or Android-powered.

flashget kids parental control

Support for Android-Powered Devices:

Because FlashGet Kids provides strong support for Android devices, a large user base may utilize it. Running on various smartphones and tablets from different brands and manufacturers, Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Parents may install FlashGet Kids on their smartphones or tablets without any problems because it works with most Android devices.

The Android Installation Process:

It is easy to install FlashGet Kids on an Android device. The official software distribution store for Android smartphones, Google Play Store, is where parents may get the app. After downloading, customers are guided through the setup process via the installation wizard, which only needs a few easy steps to finish. Because it is tailored for Android smartphones, the app will run smoothly and work with various device types and screen sizes.

flashget kids parental control

Support for iOS Devices: 

FlashGet Kids supports iOS devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch, in addition to Android devices. The iOS operating system, created by Apple Inc., is known for its strong security measures and intuitive user interface for its mobile devices. Parents with Apple devices can easily monitor their children’s internet use because FlashGet Kids works with iOS devices.

Here’s how to install iOS:

FlashGet Kids is easy to install on iOS devices. Parents can download the software from Apple’s official app store for iOS devices. All Users are guided through the setup process via the app, which makes the installation process simple. FlashGet Kids was made for iOS devices and works well with iPhone and iPad models.

FlashGet also have many features for Kids:

You can Monitor your kids’ online activities and let them away from all risks.

Screen Time

  • Monitor the time the child spends on their mobile devices.
  • Set limits for the child’s phone and lock the screen.
  • Set limits for children’s screen time and apps.
  • Set specific times and locations remotely.
  • Block selected apps or devices.

Tracking App

  • Block all apps with one tap by using the Disable All Apps feature.
  • See how many notifications any app has received.
  • Set up a screen time limit for the devices.
  • Set up a time limit for an app and block the app when the limit is reached.
  • Set up Smart Schedule to block a chosen app or disable the phone during a particular time.
  • Customize the allowed apps list.

App Blocker

  • Manage and block some or all apps installed on your child’s phone.
  • Manage the block list and set the category.
  • Set up blocking time and blocking zones.
  • Block access to a certain app and set strict mode on kids’ phones.

Daily Usage

  • Monitor the app usage.
  • Analyze and read your daily mobile data usage.
  • Check your child’s daily usage of screen time.
  • View your child’s daily movements.

Alerts and Notifications

  • View the notifications and get your child’s app preferences.
  • Receive and get an alert when the phone is off, or the child accesses inappropriate content.
  • Manage whether to allow and set access time periods.
  • Generate a verification code to authorize your children to modify or delete permissions.

Location Tracker

  • Check the current location of your kid’s device.
  • View route history to see your child’s location history.


  • Set up a specific area to get notified when kids enter or leave the area.

Live Monitoring

  • Tracks the devices and environment of your Kids in Real-Time.
  • Captures the contents that your kids are viewing.
  • Listen to the sounds of the environment around the child.


  • Capture images of the child’s phone screen.
  • Get real-time images from the child’s camera,including front and facing camera images.

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FlashGet Kids is flexible and accessible for parents who want to protect their kids’ online experiences. FlashGet Kids is dedicated to providing parents with the tools to protect their children in the modern digital environment by offering services to a diverse user base across many device platforms. FlashGet Kids lets parents easily monitor and control their children’s internet activity using iOS or Android smartphones.

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